Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

So, I had planned this very controversial, long, extensive piece on the working class verses the owning class. I had all sort of charts, diagrams and movies to explain my point of view. I even had a training on how to take down the man, but today is Labor day which contrary to the name, gives me a chance NOT to labor and to relax and enjoy the day.

Instead of my whole "take over the world and bring the man down" movie review I decided to go with something a little more laid back, but still very important. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Office Space.

The film tells of average joe Peter Gibbons and his stint as a software engineer in a cubeland known as Initech. Peter is just like most workers out there who have to deal with inane bosses, cheery perky workers and a few "off" workers obsessed with red line staplers. Thanks to hypnotic suggestion, Peter learns how have a more laid back attitude at work and about life in general. Eventually Peter learns of layoffs and schemes a plan to get back at the man. There is an awesome twist here that will leave you wanting more.

This movie is loosely based on Mike Judge's character Milton and includes wonderful character actors like Diedrich Bader and Gary Cole. It didn't do that well at the box office but just like the infamous red Swingline stapler, it became a cult classic.

If you are ever having a "Case of the Mondays" and want a good chuckle pop this movie into the DVD player, pour yourself a cold one, kick back and relax. If you don't rent this movie, I'm gonna burn this place to the ground ;)

Now,where did I put my manifesto against the machine.......

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