Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tie One On Tuesday

Okay, before I let OMP take over, did anyone else realize that Tie One On Tuesday spells TOOT? Hee hee...I'm a 12 year old boy. Okay, before I get "the look" from OMP, here ya go!

How to stock your home bar OR how to get free stuff from your friends without really trying!!
So this week we are forgoing the drink recipes for a more important topic. What’s that you say? What’s more important then booze? Hold onto your highball there sparky, we are still going to talk about the fermented goodness but just not in the usual way. I want to help you people out there get your bar stocked in the proper way.
We all look at the different drinks and such (here and elsewhere) and drool, but then ask yourself – that sounds good but I don’t have a bottle of bitters or Vermouth.
Well I am going to talk some good old fashioned (uuulgh, an Old Fashioned……oh sorry, faded off there for a sec) sense when it comes down to getting the right stuff.
First do yourself a HUGE favor and go out and get yourself a good drink book. If you want basic Cocktails, then get a basic bartenders guide. There are lots on the market right now, or if you tend to be a girl drink drunk then pick yourself up an Exotic/Tiki drink book (HINT: Beach Bum Berry’s guides are tops in this genre).
Flip through the pages and pick yourself out a couple of drinks that sound really good to you. Look over the recipes. Make a note on the ingredients and then head off to the Liquor store. Pick yourself up the ingredients to just those two drinks. I might make the recommendation that you pick up the smaller bottles (Pints) of booze, this will cut down on your initial investment and still provide some juice for your bar. Now go home, lock yourself in and attempt to make said drinks – enjoy!!!

Now, that you have those two down, flip through the book and pick out a couple more, then next payday go to the store and get the mix’ums for those drinks. In a few weeks or so you will have a nicely stocked bar and know how to make some basic drinks. And yes start out with the easy ones. Biggest mistake I made years ago was trying to mix a proper Zombie. First two I made caused my friends hair to fall out they were so strong.
Okay – now here is a sneaky way to get “free” booze. Plan out a party and invite your friends over for a “stock the bar” party. Admission is a bottle of booze and one mixer. Now – this can back fire in a BIG way if all your friends like Margarita's. In the end your bar is stocked with 20 bottles of Tequila and Rose’s Mix. If worse comes to worse, drop polite hints as to what type of liquor your interested in, OR what type of drinks you like (and would like to make for them). In the end of a successful party, you have more booze in the cupboard and you’ve made your friends happy with some party dip and a few drinks. If you’re lucky – most of your friends will drink Beer and wine. It’s a win for all!
If you still have questions on any of the above please, do not hesitate to not ask them NOW! My head hurts from writing, I’ll be in my bar.
Next week – the tools of the trade………


Rosa said...

Ooo! I love the idea of a cocktail potluck party. And I don't even drink. Seriously.

Also: How cute you look holding your booty (liquor booty? Booze booty?) in that pic!

Brook said...

OMG what a great idea OMP! Stock your bar party... That would be GREAT for a house warming party theme .... All the drinks you guys make look delish! Check out my blog I posted about our night out in Portland...

P.S. Pam you are so adorable... its sickening... even with your arms full of booze! hahaha Love ya guys!

AlwaysInspired said...

I just love that pic!

We usually just stock rum and whiskey! LOL

Rachel said...

Oooh we had a stock the bar party for our wedding! And yes, it was a GREAT idea :) Oh and OMP? Your band totally rocks! Love some Ramones!