Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

STELLA! Everytime I see her cute face or hear a funny story about her I yell this out. I just can't help it. Stella is a wonderful pup that has so much love and is so pretty she could be in movies. I'm sure that with talent and a face like hers, this will be the first of many interviews in her future.

Stella, you are such a sweet girl, tell us a little bit about yourself
My full name is Stella N. Horker-Parker. The N. Parker is for “Nosy Parker” because I have to know everything. I inspect every bag and piece of mail that comes into the house. The “Horker” is because… well, let’s just say I tend to have a bit of a sensitive stomach.

Everyone says I’m beautiful, but I try not to let it go to my head. I came to my new home last January, after being rescued from the dog pound by the good people of Mostly Mutts, a local rescue group. They took great care of me, and posted my photo on their website, where my current people saw me. They came to meet me in person, and I charmed them with my winning demeanor. I wagged my tail as hard as I could, I leaned in for hugs, and they were instantly smitten. They brought me home and we’ve been happy together ever since.

How can others help with rescue pups?
The obvious answer is to adopt one (or more!) and take them home and love them. If that’s not possible, you can always volunteer at a rescue organization, foster a dog that’s waiting for a permanent home, or make a contribution of supplies or money. The best thing about us rescue pups is that we’re so grateful to you for adopting us. When we go home with you, we make sure you know that we appreciate you in every way. 

What's your favorite trick?
Any trick that gets me a treat is a good one, but I have to say my favorite is falling down “dead” when someone points a finger at me and says “bang!” Ha, ha, that one is a crowd pleaser. Never ceases to entertain.

Your best day ever?
Aside from my adoption day, I’d have to say it was the first time I went to the dog park. There were so many dogs there. It was awesome. We all ran around like fools and had the best time. One dog showed me how to dig in a water filled hole. There were about five of us over there, getting all muddy. Man, it was great. I was so excited that I threw up in the car on the way home. Good times…

Bonus Question!
When you reach the pearly gates, you expect God to say.......
Stella N. Horker-Parker, you are one great dog! Pull up a doggie bed and a basket of stuffed toys and wait here for your people.

Oh Miss. Stella! Thanks for your wonderful heartwarming story. It makes me so happy that you found a loving family and home. Thanks for educating us on rescue dogs and the happiness they can bring into our lives. I hope you make it to the big screen one day but if not, you will always be a star to me.

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