Friday, September 18, 2009

Feel Good Friday!

Thank you Sunshine Kid

It's Friday,doing a happy dance. Yahoo! Friday! Today started like just about any other day until my co-worker brought in her puppy to work. That TOTALLY made my day! Baby animals are the best cure for what ails you.

If you have never seen Amanda Panda Pant's embroidery work, you are missing out. This lady can STITCH! She does some amazing work, not to mention she is adorable and super sweet! I always love her take on traditional patterns. Yeah, she rocks!

Speaking of awesomeness, Have you checked out the vintage goodies at Lily Loves Bernie? They have a blue coat that is do die for. I SO wish I could fit into it! She also does some super cute embroidery on some very sexy slips. H-O-T!

I LOVE finding new blogs and websites.Meeting new people and reading about everyday life connects us. I love when you are reading a blog and have the epiphany, "That is me! I do that too!" The instant connection you have with someone warms the soul. You may never actually get to "meet" them but it is always nice to know that you have a friend who cares about your out there. When I first read Alicia Paulson's blog, I got that instant warm cozy feeling and not just because we are in the same town but because her warm personal writing invites you in and ask you to sit down for some tea as she tells you about her many adventures.

Who is ready for the movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs? I LOVED this book as a child and remembered that I wanted to live in the book so I could ski on mash potatoes. Well, they made the book into a movie and I'm actually really excited to see it. I know this is a change from my normal horror movie but I can't help it! It just looks too cute to pass up. 

Before I head out for the weekend. I wanted to remind myself (and you!) of 10 things that make me happy. In no certain order they are...
1. OMP and the Pups (ALWAYS)
2. Puppy kisses
3. Swapping on Craftster
4. Sleeping in on days off
5. A good cup of tea
6. A good piece of cake
7. Inside jokes with friends
8. Loving myself
9. My 75 year old dad on Facebook and him calling it Facemail
10. YOU!

Now go out there, enjoy the fall weather and be happy!


Fawn and Flower said...

I really like the first picture. Do you know what it's from?

Unknown said...

Hey there!
It's from sunshine kid on flickr.

Fawn and Flower said...

(Hello!) I saw the link, I was just wondering if you knew what it was actually from, like a story or something :)

Unknown said...

I wish I did. If I find out or if you do-let's let eachother know.

Nichola said...

I think the quote is from a Douglas Adams book... it seems really familiar.

I love that your dad calls it "Facemail" Too funny.